Instamon Safe Entry Temperature Screening

Protection starts at reception: Contactless measurement of body temperature at the entrances of data centres, hospitals, schools, universities, offices etc.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the key symptoms of the Coronavirus and other diseases is a fever. Core temperature is used for precise testing; however, in public spaces, the surface temperature of the forehead is measured. Normally this can be done manually by using portable devices. But this requires personnel to operate it, and very often social distancing cannot be maintained, when taking the readings. The solution? Instamon Safe Entry for the contactless measurement of body temperature. After the quick and easy mounting to a wall or fixing to a stand, the Instamon system is ready to detect a person automactically and to guide him or her by arrows on the display to the optimal position for taking the measurements. This takes only a few seconds and the system displays immediately if access to the building is granted or denied.

Exact measurements and perfect positioning

For the temperature measurement the solution uses a highly sensitive multipixel infrared sensor. The intelligent guiding system makes sure that the person is positioned quickly and with ease in the right position for an accurate reading. 

Easy mounting and long lasting battery life for flexible utilisation

There is a wide range of mounting options available: The Instamon solution can be mounted directly to the wall or via a VESA75 mount. Furthermore it can be fixed to any steel angle or on a tripod, which provides flexible installation and operation possibilities. Since the system is battery operated, additional flexibility is a given. Up to 100.000 measurements can be perfomed within a maximum time period of 10 years. Upon request, a wired external power supply is available too.  

GDPR compliant operation and expandability

The operating mode is compliant with GDPR. The device has an optional acoustic signal generator and can also be connected to an external system via two small relays that enables it to be connected to lighting or door control systems etc.


  • Contactless measurement of forehead body temperature at the reception areas and entrances of data centres, government offices, hospitals, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, schools, universities etc.
  • Easy signalling via display
  • Easy and wire-free installation thanks to battery operation
  • No configuration necessary
  • Optional acoustical alarm
  • Visual or acoustic signalling to remove glasses for accurate readings
  • Adjustments for body temperature changes during the day due to intelligent algorithms
  • No personnel required for performing the measurements
  • Support of Social Distancing measures
  • Optional external power supply

Click here to watch Instamon in action